Smart Ways to Combat the Tide of Outwear

I’m sure you know that feeling: You’re finally done with winter and can’t wait to put away the heavy coats, boots, and scarves. But then you open your closet and see all of those clothes that still need to be worn before they go into storage. What do you do? The King Louie will discuss how to buy new clothes without breaking the bank as well as smart ways to wear everything in your closet so it doesn’t feel like a waste!

The first thing to do is not to go crazy in this short window. If you’re going shopping, only buy a few things that you really need and will wear all the time or can transition with your wardrobe easily. You don’t want to end up with more clothes than what’s already crammed into your closet!

King Louie

The second thing to keep in mind when buying new clothes is how often it would be worn if purchased. For example, let’s say there are two T-shirts on sale for $20 each at Target: one plain white tee from the men’s section and a cute black v-neck from the women’s section . They seem very similar but their purposes could not be more different! The basic white tee may have been just as cute as the black v-neck had it been in a neutral color, but since it’s from the men’s section and has some sort of graphic on it, this shirt will most likely be worn once or twice around friends before being left to collect dust. On the other hand, if you bought that T-shirt with a low neckline for $20 at Target instead of $30 at your local mall store , chances are good you would wear it all the time! This is just one example of how sometimes saving money can actually help our wardrobe by allowing us to spend more on pieces we’ll get much more use out of .

How to Buy New Clothes and Wear Everything in Your Closet
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