Take Care of Your PVC Fence

A PVC fence is a great addition to any home. It provides both privacy and security for the family living in the house, as well as protection from the elements if it is located in an outdoor space. PVC fencing gold coast can be installed with several accessories that will help you maintain your beautiful new fencing system.

First, let’s talk about the color of your PVC fence. As you can imagine, weather impacts all colors differently so it is important to provide extra care if you have a colored fencing system. Make sure that your fencing system has an added layer of protection by adding Fence Armor or Supercoat . These coatings will help protect your new white pvc fence from discoloring due to sun exposure and general wear & tear on outdoor surfaces. A good quality coating may be just what you need to maintain the pristine look of your brand-new PVC fencing!

PVC Fencing Gold Coast

The most common type of damage done to a fence occurs when pets are trying to squeeze through the gaps in between the pickets. In this case, add some Corner Catches , End Caps , or Gate Catches to your fence. These accessories will help prevent damage from occurring and make sure that the gaps stay at a comfortable width for you and your furry friends!

Lastly, another thing to look out for is gate hardware on PVC fencing. Over time this type of metal can be exposed to rusting or corrosion if not properly maintained. Make sure that all hinges are tightened regularly (and squeak free!) with some WD-40 . This lubricant penetrates deep into hinges so they move smoothly without any resistance which reduces wear & tear on them over time! Using these tips should extend the life of your pvc fence by several years depending on how well cared for it has been in previous seasons!

How to Maintain a PVC Fence: The Maintenance Basics