Using Stripe to Accept Payments Using ClickFunnels

If you’re a business owner, there’s no doubt that you’ve heard of ClickFunnels. It’s one of the most powerful tools on the market when it comes to funnel building and conversion optimization. But what if I told you that ClickFunnels could do even more for your business? What if I told you that by integrating Stripe into ClickFunnels, you can automate many of your processes and save time managing payments?

While a lot has been written on what is included in each plan when using Stripe as payment option, one important thing that may not be obvious is losses due to fraud or chargebacks & customer refunds. The reason why these costs should matter more than ever before by choosing Stripe integration over other online options is because most companies will give you a significant discount if you use Stripe.

Integrating Stripe into ClickFunnels

For instance, PayPal will charge you $30 per month for the Basic plan and another $30 per month for the Pro plan. That’s a total of $60/month in fees! This is on top of all your subscription setup costs that are associated with using their payment platform such as monthly gateway processing fees etc.

But what about other alternative options like Direct Checkout? If you want to save money by choosing this option over Stripe integration , it would be wise to choose Amazon Payments instead because they only cost around 35 cents + 0% fee every time someone makes a purchase on your website or funnel hosted via ClickFunnels . But even then, there may be some additional costs depending upon the country you do business in.

So when you consider the time & money you could save by using this seamless payment option inside of your business, integrating Stripe into ClickFunnels makes more sense than any other payment processing platform . Not only that but by doing so, not only are you saving money on fees-but also gaining access to all sorts of valuable data about your customers at checkout such as email marketing campaigns (i.e., abandoned cart emails).

Integrating Stripe into ClickFunnels: Proven Strategies to Build Your Business