Things to Consider When Choosing a Bluesnap

Bluesnap is a service that helps you automate the process of sending out bulk emails. It can be used for marketing, customer retention, and more. Bluesnap works by allowing customers to create email templates with images and text in an easy drag-and-drop interface. There are some pros and cons to using Bluesnap depending on your business needs.

Pros: Bluesnap offers a free version, which is great for small businesses. The paid versions are quite affordable too and they have an amazing customer service team that will help you out if needed. You can use the email templates to send marketing emails without having to worry about what goes where in HTML code or dealing with CSS overrides on your own. Plus, it’s easy to create attachments using drag-and-drop rather than typing everything by hand. Also, BlueSnap is perfect for small businesses who have done everything themselves up until this point.


Cons: Bluesnap doesn’t allow you to do much customization of the templates themselves beyond changing text colors and fonts–you can’t add images or change how different sections appear on the template page itself (though these features may be added as time goes). Another down side is that Bluesnap doesn’t allow you to use your own email address without signing up for the paid version which can get a little pricey. It’s also worth noting that there are limits on the number of emails you can send per day with a free account (250), so it might not work as well for companies in high-demand industries where customer retention is key.

In conclusion, Bluesnap is a great service for small businesses that want to send out bulk emails without having to know HTML code and CSS overrides.

Pros and Cons of Bluesnap
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