How to Choose Them

Curtains can make a huge difference in the look and feel of your home. They come in all shapes, sizes, colors, textures and patterns. Choosing the right curtains for your windows is no easy task! In this blog Made To Measure Curtains will discuss different types of curtains and how to choose them based on what you are looking for.

* Sheer curtains are lightweight and great for letting light into your home. They do not block the view from the outside, but they still provide privacy because it is hard to see through them. These types of curtains can be a good option if you like natural lighting in your home or have floor-to-ceiling windows that need covering up.

Made To Measure Curtains

* Panel curtains come with different widths and lengths so that you can choose whichever one will fit best on your window frame (or curtain rod). If you want something decorative as well as functional then opt for patterned panel curtains, which also offer privacy even though they let more light in than sheer panels would.

* Tab top curtains have two pieces: one piece hangs down from the top and one piece that attaches to the tab at the bottom. They offer privacy, light control, and decorative value for your windows because you can choose from different patterns or colors without having to buy a whole new set of curtains.

* Roman blinds are perfect if you want something functional as well as beautiful in your home – they block out most light while still offering a view outside through their slats or gaps between each panel. These types of curtains work best on big windows since there is usually only one hanging down from above rather than multiple panels hanging side-by-side like with other styles listed here (so it will take up less space).

Window Dressing: Different Types of Curtains