Put an End to Digestive Distress and Build a Strong Foundation

Gut health is a hot topic these days. It’s no surprise that our digestive system affects so many other aspects of our lives, from mental clarity to weight loss and beyond. Yet all too often we take it for granted or ignore it altogether. The truth is that most people can’t even name the parts of their digestive tract, let alone know what goes wrong when they’re not working properly. That’s why I wrote this article at https://theswellscore.com/ on how to restore your gut health!

The first thing we should understand is that the gut isn’t just one long tube. The digestive tract actually consists of two separate but connected systems: the small intestine and large intestine, otherwise known as the small bowel and colon respectively. So what exactly happens in each of these areas?


The first stop on our tour through your digestive system is at the mouth! Here we have teeth to chew food into smaller pieces (mastication) while saliva begins breaking it down even further with more enzymes so we can swallow it easily (what a concept!). Our tongue helps push this chewed up slurry of food towards our esophagus where things start moving along quickly…

Now that our tasty morsels are en route to their final destination need some help getting past all these twists and turns. That’s where the small intestine comes in! This organ is around 20 feet long but only about an inch wide, so it really does a number on our food before sending what remains to the large intestine (or colon).

The ileum, jejunum , and duodenum are all parts of this important digestive tube that work together with your gallbladder and pancreas to break down nutrients as well as decrease inflammation. The latter is especially important because chronic low-level inflammation throughout the body can contribute to everything from autoimmune disease to heart conditions. So it pays off big time if we keep things moving through here smoothly…

Restore Your Gut