Benefits of the Medicare Advantage (MA) program

Medicare Advantage is a service that is offered by insurance companies. It’s an alternative to the Original Medicare and it can help you save money on your healthcare costs. The premiums are affordable, but the benefits may not cover all of your needs for medical care. Lindsay Malzone can tell you everything about this service!

Medicare Advantage was founded in the 1980s and over the years, it has grown in popularity. According to a research report from Kaiser Family Foundation, an estimated 19 million people were enrolled in Medicare Advantage plans by 2016.

Lindsay Malzone

There are several benefits that come with enrolling in this type of plan: you get access to additional health insurance providers; your premiums may be lower than what original Medicare covers; if you don’t like one provider’s services, other options will be available for you; and some types cover vision or dental care which isn’t provided under Original Medicare.

Also, there are several different types of plans that you can choose from. Some examples include HMO or Health Maintenance Organization; PPO or Preferred Provider Organizations; Special Needs Plans which is for those who qualify with certain medical conditions; Private Fee-for-Service Plan which provides more flexibility like visiting any healthcare provider without a referral first, but costs could be higher than the other options if your doctor charges coinsurance fees instead of flat rates per visit; and Medicare Medical Savings Account (MSA) also known as an integrated plan, this type works similar to MSAs offered by employers.

However, there are also downsides to consider when thinking about signing up for a Medicare Advantage plan: certain doctors aren’t covered by these policies so you might have limited choices depending on where you live; the network could be too far away so you would have to drive a bit further for an appointment; if you are admitted into the hospital, your coverage will depend on which plan you’re enrolled in and there may not be enough doctors that participate or they could ask for high coinsurance fees.

What Is Medicare Advantage: What You Need to Know
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